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NFSA Restores digitally preserves Australian iconic and cult feature films so they can be seen in today’s digital cinemas. Details »

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Online Exhibition

Rare Picnic outtakes, costumes, interviews, props, scripts and more.

Corrick Collection

Restoring 130 films toured by the Corrick Family Entertainers.

Australia's 'Lost' Films

The NFSA is searching for lost films. Can you help?

Collection highlight

The NFSA holds Australia’s first ever Academy Award.

Time capsules

Explore the history of Australia through NFSA collection items.

Wake in Fright

The story behind the re-release of the classic Australian film.

About the Film Collection

The NFSA’s holdings of features, documentaries, shorts, experimental and new technology productions include a significant collection of works relating to Australia and produced by Australians.

Films range from the earliest surviving footage of the Melbourne Cup (1896) and the first acknowledged feature film produced anywhere in the world, The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906), to newsreels that provided Australians with up-to-date news up till the 1970s and the Australian film productions of most recent decades – including the newest digital forms – such as the award-winning Animal Kingdom (2010). These film holdings form an essential part of the NFSA’s mission to reflect and celebrate not only the past and the present but the also the future.

With over 300,000 film works in the national collection, the Australian experience of cinema is also reflected in its diverse representation of international classics. These range from Gone with the Wind (1939) to the Corrick Collection of early international film programs, to Australian and international production partnerships such as Wake in Fright (1971). Exciting restoration, research and programming projects continue to emerge from a collection that grows along with the film industry it represents.

You can view a curated selection of Australian feature films, shorts, documentaries, home movies, newsreels and actualities on australianscreen: