1988, 98 Minutes


A docu-drama about discrimination experienced by two women from different backgrounds, and their bid to resolve their problems through the Anti-Discrimination Board. The first story concerns Jessica, the first female photographer on a metropolitan newspaper, whose promotion causes resentment among her colleagues and triggers a campaign of harassment. The other story is about Leticia, a Filipino nurse whose qualifications are disregarded by her employers. Despite her dedication and professionalism, some patients also object to being cared for "by an Asian".

A Film Australia production. © 2011 National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.


Classification: PG (Parental guidance recommended). Consumer Advice: Adult concepts, Occasional coarse language.

For Teachers

Level: Secondary, Tertiary, Lifelong Learning

Curriculum links include Human Rights; Law; Legal Studies; PDHPE. Of particular relevance for NSW PDHPE Stage 5, Strand 1 'Self and Relationships', Work Education.

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